Saturday, March 12, 2016

Restoring 1977 Colnago Super: Shipped for paint

This past week I finally shipped the bike to Jack Trumbull over in Ohio. I did go though the process of elimination with different paint companies. I was shocked at the lack of interest from CycleArt. After two phone calls and unanswered emails regarding my quote I felt the lack of personal representation they were not the company for me. Mr. Jack was finishing my sentences once I told him of the color I wanted for the frame. He was familiar with the decals and all the specifications I was looking for. Not to mention he took my call on a Saturday evening. Again, I have to thank all my friends at classic rendezvous for the suggestion. After printing out some pictures of what I wanted and drawing some final details on paper the bike is off to paint! 5-6 week turnaround time.

Last pictures before shipping:




Again, some purest have been expressed their concerns about painting a well kept vintage bike. But the plan all along has been to paint it the same color as my dads.

Here are some photoshop renderings i did in order to recreate the bike. My brother, Carlos helped me recollect some of the details.


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