Saturday, February 27, 2016

Restoring 1977 Colnago Super

My father was an amazing man.... business, athletics, love for fellow man, love for my mom and family. He had all the marks. Above all what we shared the most in common was the love for riding and ultimately the bike brand that is close to my heart and what he introduced into my life.


Jario Alvarez, Dad, this bike restoration project if for you!

My father and I during the 2006 LAMBRA Time Trial Championships

So here it is... after a few months of searching I have found the bike! Parameters: 1977 Colnago Super. Why? To restore into my late fathers Colnago Super from the same year. Size: true 57cm so it would be ride-able.

After a long search... I mean really long. The bike showed up on Ebay in great conditions. Most of the bikes and frames were 1. not my size 2. very very bad shape 3. just the frame 4. super ridiculously expensive.

Daniel from Beverly Hills had the bike in hopes to restore the bike but family priorities were first so he remodeled  his house instead.

Bike cost: 1100.00 and 135.00 to ship. Goal.... completed. This was step one.

This below will be the endgame. From the original catalog which happens to be same color of my fathers frame in 1977. 

The story starts here....

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